A Letter to the New Mom: A List of Reminders

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As look into your brand-spanking new baby’s eyes - you are encapsulated with the wonder of their life. Nothing else matters anymore. You never realized how focused and complete you could feel until your baby was laid on your chest in the first moments of their life. Words cannot be formed and your exhaustion is irrelevant as you are entranced into the marvelous adventure of motherhood. Planned or unplanned; this child is everything.

As the days become weeks and weeks, months in the postpartum season - the newness, the giddiness may have been brought down a notch or two. Yet, your love is wild and grows by the moment as you settle into this new role and life.

Motherhood is everything you wanted and nothing you ever expected.

Your body may feel used and leftover with a soft middle and sore breasts. You can’t find any clothes to squeeze into. Beauty, sexiness, feels like a memory of the past.

Your mind is a just a puddle of lost thoughts and incoherent feelings.

Your home looks nothing like it did before the baby.

Your baby acts differently than you expected. And sometimes their cries leave you at a complete loss.

Your life outside of this child has been completely paused. You wonder if your friends are still your friends; you worry as you’ve neglected all birthdays and special moments.

Your marriage or partnership is in a completely unknown territory. You begin to feel like the two of you are sleepwalking through life together.

I am here to tell you something important; while some or all or more or none of these things are true for you, it doesn’t last. Babies don’t keep. You are undergoing your life’s biggest, hardest transformation. You are dying to yourself for the love and survival of your baby. While some babies are “easy” they are still 100% first.

As the anxiety creeps in and your woes become overbearing, try to keep perspective. Days become weeks, weeks become months, months become years.

Your body may or may not ever be the same; you’ll learn to love it in a new way.

Your mind will snap back but this time with more wisdom, experience and perspective.

Your home will no longer be spotless but you will find your oasis in certain rooms and the rest will be a beautiful, colorful painting of the life that is your new reality.

Your baby will not keep and you will figure out your babies needs and quirks with time and lots of practice.

Your life will resume but it will be much fuller.

Your marriage or partnership will mature; it will grow. With effort, time, and unconditional love, you two will be stronger and happier than ever.

See, friends, God had a master-plan when He designed motherhood. He designed every pregnancy ache and milestone to prepare you for baby. His master-plan can shape you into a truer reflection of Him. The sacrifices you make, the years of ultimate selflessness for your child, and the moments of hardship will one day just be a blimp on your Heavenly radar. Every single thing you do for your child can be an impression of God to them, the ultimate witnessing opportunity. God gives us the greatest perspective of all; He gives us a glimpse into the ultimate sacrifice He’s made for us. Now tell me, how does that not draw you nearer to Him?