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Hey Lady,

I’m Cynthia, a proud momma to a little girl, wife to a fighter pilot, and an active member of the U.S. Military.  I have a passion for books, coffee, and Jesus, and my desire is to share my story with you in hopes that women, like you, can find encouragement in the daily struggles of life.

It doesn’t take much to bring me joy, from a grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks, to a brand new paperback book or a family night in, I find enjoyment in the simple things in life. Although, my husband might tell you I’m a bit needy/bougie because I thrive on positive words of affirmation and have an eye for expensive things (there is no shame in my game).  

I often find that life on this side of heaven is hard, but it is through these “hard moments” that we develop perseverance for the race set before us. It is the experience of running this race that strengthens our character and ultimately, restores our hope in Someone greater than ourselves.

I don’t have life figured out. Heck, most times I feel like a hot mess. My hubby and I share this joke called E-Cubed (E^3)--Emotions, Estrogen and Eve.

Emotions – because as women, we all have them and sometimes they make us crazy

Estrogen – as the primary female sex hormone, it is responsible for the differences between male and female bodies (thanks to the Big Man upstairs)

Eve – she ate the apple and now, here we are…

Many times, I find myself in a world full of inadequacy and unworthiness, but I know those are just lies trying to hold me back from my God-given calling.

Instead of allowing shame to conceal my story, I humbly put my pride aside in hopes that you or someone close to you see’s the beauty in our imperfection.

Because even in the mess, or struggles, or pain, there is beauty.

There is beauty and purpose in the E^3 moments in our lives. So, one step at a time, I have pushed away the fear holding me back to share this journey that is my life.

This is A Faithful Step.

Welcome to my world -- I pray my story can encourage and equip you navigate your own E^3-ness.