2019 Reader Survey Results

It truly helps us see what we are getting right, what we are getting wrong, and how we can best serve you. 

For the most part, it seems as though our content is headed in the right direction. Some of you asked for more pictures (we will definitely make that change), others asked us to clearly include the blog post in our newsletter (you got it).

When it came to topics, surprisingly, Military seemed to be the least favorite topic. I totally understand and will take that into consideration in the future. 

Relationships, Motherhood and Marriage were the clear favorites out of the bunch (not surprising). These very topics are what seem to inspire us to write, so we will continue to publish in these areas. God knows relationships, motherhood and marriage are all tough and everyone needs a little encouragement. 

AFS and Spirituality

I need to address the “elephant in the room” in regards to spirituality. Our spirituality is the very definition of who we are. AFS believes in the triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He, alone, is the very purpose for this blog. 

For far too long, the view of Christianity has been distorted to fit into a neat, wealthy, white box (yup... I went there). The God of the Bible cannot be placed into a box. The God in the Bible is not American, He is neither white nor is He black, He is neither pro-woman nor pro-man. He is a God of ALL races, ALL people, and ALL genders. 

He is the same God whether you are in Africa, Asia or America.

So it’s time to take off our cultural blinders, and recognize that our race, our socio economic status, and our gender play a factor in how we view God and interpret scripture, but it DOES NOT dictate what truth is. Only the Bible and God can identify the truth. Through God and the Holy Spirit, we can ask for His revelation and pray that when it’s time to meet our heavenly maker, we got it right. 

With that being said, we align ourselves with the Christian belief. Because of this, it will pour into all areas of our life (to include the articles we share) and for that we will not apologize or change.

Topic Ideas for the future: 

- How to love your spouse when you don't LIKE your spouse.

- Struggles on money, in-laws, class difference [and] intimacy in relationships

- Book Reviews

- Suggested Reading List

- Blog Updates

- Guest Contributors

Resource Ideas for the future: 

- “Heart check” Something that can be carried around. When we feel frustrated we can reference it for scripture that leads us to truth and not lies.

- God Moments Book/eBook


Quite a few of you had no idea we had a newsletter. Fail on us for not sharing about it more often. We have a newsletter that goes out weekly sharing our most recent blog post, products we are loving (to include books, podcasts, etc...), encouragement, and life/blog updates. 

I announced my pregnancy in the newsletter before I announced it anywhere else.

You can sign up here (scroll to the bottom) or send us your email on FB or IG and we will add you to the list. 


It was so cool to see the makeup of our audience. Most of you are married (less than 5 years), and a significant amount with younger kiddos (so you understand the struggle).  But don’t worry, we won't forget about our single friends, or those of you who don’t have kids. We love you all the same. 

What are your thoughts? Do you have input you would like to share? If so, comment below or send us an email at afaithfulstep@gmail.com. No judgments from us. We simply want to grow and serve you the best we can.

X, Cynthia