A Faithful Step Partnership: Corinne's Introduction

Lately, God has been throwing a lot of surprises at me. Have you ever had that happen? Surely you have too… It’s been a slew of hard surprises but a few really good ones; like writing for A Faithful Step!


During a recent “darker” season, my heart was yearning to write about what He was doing in my life. So, I started typing away and quickly found myself eager to share my journey with others in hopes that my authenticity could bring someone else comfort and encouragement.

A Faithful Step readers, family, and friends - you can read about the full story of how I met Cynthia, here. But what I want you to know, what I need you to know, is that I write from my heart. My pictures and words, while hopefully (mostly) are aesthetically appealing and grammatically correct - are all a representation of what the Lord has allowed me to see now.

I am faliable.

I am not God.

This is your warning; my only disclaimer! I urge you follow your own convictions and feelings on what God tells you.

Back to my “why” - why am I writing for A Faithful Step? My honest, raw thoughts about God needed a home. I have been a believer in Jesus Christ, our one true Lord and Savior, ever since I can remember. But that faith has been tested, reevaluated, and challenged all throughout my adult life.


I always tell people that my story is a little anticlimactic because there are no “wow” or life changing moments. Yet, I believe there's beauty in every story that involves our Father, so regardless of the lack of action, there is beauty in the constant, steady love.

Writing is a fairly new aspect to my life and career. I began nurturing it throughout my work as a Digital Marketing consultant for various companies and clients. But only within the last two years did I begin pursuing it for fun, personal reasons. At first it was insanely scary. Putting to words my real thoughts, shaping them into tangible, relatable concepts for a reader - is much harder than one could imagine. But it is a challenge that brings me clarity and so I pray, you too.

It’s taken me time to learn how to share deeper emotion but I’m getting there. I know God has equipped me for this calling as my friends all know me as an “open book”!

If my life were to be a book, the chapters range from: “Obedient, First Child:The Early Years”, “The Innocence of First Love and Heartbreak”, “Exploring a Short Season of Singleness”, “Career Influences”, “Becoming an Army Wife”, and “Stumbling Through the Days of Motherhood”.

Taking a faithful step is a constant theme in my life. Honestly, I can’t say there’s a day where a faithful step isn’t required. The art of fully surrendering, no event too small or too big, is a commitment. I believe it’s one of the most profound ways we can love our Father - listening, surrendering, moving.

Welcome to my story, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness to share it with you.