To The Woman Who Feels Unworthy, You Are Not Alone

When you wake up motivated to live a better today, but somehow manage to get off on the wrong foot. You are not alone. Get right back up, brush off the dirt, and keep after it. I know you can do it. I promise, if you just keep on pushing, you will arrive.

When you step on that scale and see the number has only gone up. You are not alone. Oh, the pain to stand there naked, vulnerable, and alone, and feel your world crashing in. You fight the desire to run away, to give up, and to quit. Know that it is not the end.

The flaws you see are what make you human.

Don’t focus on the number on the scale, it does not define your value.

You are not a failure for gaining weight, you are just human.

Don’t regret the memories of yesterday. Save them for the positive experiences that they were, and vow to honor your body starting right now. When you fail, because we ALL fail, get right back up, brush off the dirt and keep after it. I know you can do it.

When you get dressed up, look in the mirror, and can't see past your flaws. You are not alone. You can focus on the extra side rolls or back fat… or you can focus on making sure that the light that emits from you pours out love and compassion.

Know that you are beautiful. It is not the stereotypical beauty that we all want, but the condition of your heart that makes you exquisite.

You are unique.

You were created with a PURPOSE in mind.

When you put in the extra effort and he doesn't seem to notice. You are not alone. I see how hard you worked to put that liquid eyeliner on. I see the new hairstyle you tried out to help spice things up.

Your effort was not in vain.

Your beauty shines despite the earthly modifications.

He may not say it, but you are magnificent.

Open your eyes and see the beauty of your creation.

When all you want is a compliment that never comes. You are not alone. I feel the pain in your heart when you feel unworthy and unloved. I see the look that yearns to be told you are lovely. I understand the struggle of fighting off those bad thoughts that knock you down.

Don't let that inner mean girl out.

His silence does not speak volumes. His silence is just that, silence.

Tell yourself you’re amazing and own it because dang-it, God created you.

You are smart, you are graceful, you are strong, and you are resilient.

When you are tired and want to give up. You are not alone. We all have limitations that keep us from achieving everything we set out to do.

Accept the gift of grace that was given to you.

Boast in your weakness, because in your weakness is when you are strong.

When you are tired, run to your Heavenly Father, He will lift you up and carry you through it all.

Never allow comparison to steal your joy. Your purpose in life is different than your neighbors; so don’t compare your limitations.

He created you, and He want's you to care for His creation.

Take your time to rest, then, get right back up, brush off the dirt, and keep after it. I know you can do it. I promise, if you just keep on pushing, you will arrive.

When you don’t know your purpose. You are not alone. The world is a mysterious place and rarely do we know His will for our lives. All he asks is for us to live faithfully.

Pursue the One who matters, and He will grant you the desires of your heart.

Know that you may have to wait until you’ve reached the other side of heaven to see the big picture. Instead, work with the puzzle piece you were given. Piece by piece you will receive clarity until the day He completes the ultimate puzzle.

Until then, get right back up, brush off the dirt, and keep after it.

He sees you.

He knows you.

He thinks you are stunning.

He made you worthy.

To every woman who needs the reminder, you are not alone. Often enough, that woman is me. So when the world tells me I am not enough, I cling to the truth that God is enough. When the world tells me I am not special, He tells me I am uniquely created with a purpose in mind. And when the world tries to make me focus on all the things that do not matter (wealth, beauty, fame) I will cling to His word until the day that His will be done.