God Moments: Stories of How God is Working in the Lives of Women of Faith - Series Introduction

It all started when a friend shared her story with me. Her story of tragedy after hardship after tragedy. Not only did she share it with pure joy, she finished our talk by asking me how she could pray for ME. In awe, I left the conversation with no choice but to share her story. It made me wonder, “how many more stories are out there about humans facing hardships and choosing faithfulness? If just one story could shape the way I looked at my own life, could others find the encouragement as well?”


The Bible is the ultimate story of tragedy, hardship, sacrifice, death, joy, and love. The stories captured cover God’s unfaithful children, the suffering of his apostles, and the hardships and tragedies of many. Yet, there is hope in His Word. There is hope in every single story that was written and shared with us.

What if we were to look at stories around us and find God’s faithfulness in midst of these stories just like we do when we open up the Word? We look at the Bible as one big story. Well, a lot of “little” stories that flow into the greatest story of God’s faithfulness. God did not finish His work when the Bible was completed - it is still being written today, through you! We are His people. Our lives either reflect the word of the enemy or they glorify our almighty Father. We may not make it into scripture, but His work is being done every minute of the day, and it deserves to be shared. We spread the Good News not only in what is written in the Bible, but how it has played out in our lives.

Looking at our fellow sisters in Christ and hearing their stories may just be the dose of perspective and inspiration we need to live the way we are called to.

Once a month, we will feature a story of a family member or friend who has a testimony she would like to share with you all. Cynthia and I hope, pray, and plead that God gives us the adequate words to share these incredible stories with you. Women of this world who have chosen God over the temptation of hardship, heartbreak, and tragedy.

If you have a story you would like to share, submit it below.