Dear Reader, Thank you!

This entire week has been all about celebrating the 1 year Blogiversary of A Faithful Step. I shared your Top 5 Favorite posts based on page views, I’ve shared My Top 5 Favorite Posts (that had ZERO overlap with your favorites), and I’ve even shared the Top 10 Lessons I’ve learned this past year. So, today, I share with you my gratitude.

Thank you for faithfully following our journey, even if you’ve just joined us. You may not know this, but you have encouraged me on numerous occasions when I have felt my weakest.


Firstly, blogging is not about me. It’s not about glorifying myself, but instead sharing how God has worked in my life.

Blogging is not easy, especially when you’re balancing work, raising a family, and trying to be a good wife. It takes lots of education, research, and trial and error. It takes vulnerability. It takes faithfulness. And it takes an audience who cares. You are the reason I open up about my life in hopes that you can learn through my lessons. I pray that you can see His work in my life and be encouraged to lean on Him in all seasons of life.

God Moments - Cynthia Cline’s Story

Not Good Enough - Self worth In College

There have been moments where I questioned this blog and my purpose in writing… yet in those moments of weakness, something has sparked a sense of hope in this journey pushing me to continue.

When I have questioned whether my words were being read, I received a comment from an agnostic reader who appreciated my posts. When I wondered whether posting consistently on social media was worth it, I received a direct message from an acquaintance telling me how much she needed to hear that message. When I felt silly for sharing a story on FB, a mentor sends a text message sharing how a story I shared in the past still impacted her today.

I share these things, not to boast or to ask for more comments or likes. I share these things to encourage you, my dear friend, to be bold and courageous. Allow God to use you, even when it seems like your actions aren’t working. If you are obedient to Christ, then everything you do serves a purpose, you just might not see what that purpose is.

God will walk with you through the journey. Every time I have questioned the future, God has used someone or something to remind me of my current calling. Those messages I mentioned earlier, they were from real people, but I wholly believe God was using them to push me forward. So thank you for being faithful. For following me along in this journey and for sharing when something has impacted you.

I pray that the future of this blog continues to inspire you and encourage you to live faithfully, one step at a time.

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x, Cynthia