Blog Roundup: Fan Favorites in the First Year of A Faithful Step

In honor of A Faithful Steps 1 Year Blogiversary, we are sharing the 5 most popular posts, determined by page views. Popular or “favorite” doesn’t always indicate the “best”, but then again, “best” is subjective. These might not be my favorite posts (you can find those here), but I can definitely see why they were your “favorite”!

5. How One Question Got Me To Go To Church: Tips For Inviting Your Friends

The story behind how my faith was renewed and how it all started with one question - “Would you like to go to church with me?” This post offers encouragement and tips for inviting others to church with you beyond the basic/passive “oh you should check out my church” that many Christians often resort to.

4. A Faithful Step Partnership: Corinne’s Introduction

I was pleasantly surprised to see this make the top 5 list. Corinne joined the team last August to help with the workload of managing a blog and to find a home for her honest, raw thoughts about God. Her faith has been tested, reevaluated, and challenged, offering a unique perspective for our readers. Have you read about how we met? If not, check it out here.

3. Dear Friend: A Letter About Infertility

At the beginning of 2019, I wrote this post, dedicated to a friend struggling with infertility. This letter came naturally to me, but it was extremely difficult to share. The last thing you want to do is hurt a friend or offend someone struggling with such a sensitive topic. After writing the letter, I sent it to my friend who then responded with her own letter back. Her letter topped the site at number 2 - Dear Friend: Today You took A Big Step.

2. Dear Friend: Today You Took A Big Step

As mentioned previously, this post was a response to a letter I wrote to a friend about my pregnancy announcement and her struggle with infertility. A raw, emotional look at what friendship looks like when God calls one person to pregnancy, and another down a completely different path.

1. God Moments: Meekah Marecic’s Story

The newest post on this entire list has had the most views, and I can’t say that I am surprised. Meekah’s story covers a journey of deployment, child illness, and even a health scare that could have taken her life. God has worked heavily in her life and you see Him every step of the way. Oh how faithful is our heavenly father!

Did your favorite make it on the list? If not, what was your favorite post and why?