A New Years Plea


For those of you who are looking at the past year - reminiscing on how far you’ve come, or not come - perhaps you’re just now seeing the countless times you could’ve run to our Savior but didn’t. Maybe you’re overwhelmed at all the change that lies ahead or ashamed of how far you’ve drifted from God… I invite you to pray this prayer with me…

Oh God, my gracious Father,

I have forsaken you. I have fallen shorter and farther away from you than I ever dreamed possible. My humanness has taken over on countless occasions. Moment by moment, I leaned into my feelings over you. I chose momentary pleasure or comfort instead of filling my cup with your goodness. The feelings that could easily be deflated by your word, ruled the roost.

Instead of running to your word when pockets of time arose, I chose to busy myself with fictional tasks and unnecessary to-do’s. On walks of solitude, my brain swirled with victimized thoughts about my life in lieu of talking to you. During those hard days I relied on words of comfort from family and friends instead of allowing you to wrap me in your arms.

God, I see my wickedness. I feel the gratuitous distance between us. I felt it all along, with each moment and day that passed, I knew I was choosing anything but you.

Forgive me, God.

Redeem me, God.

Purify my spirit, God.

Strengthen the fibers of my ability to chose you, God.

Equip me to handle the temptations of turning from you, God.

Help me to see that you are GOOD, God.

As a new year comes and an old passes, my only desire is you Lord. I have seen that life is better when I dwell within your presence. I have experienced the joy that comes with your overwhelming love.

Hear my plea, Lord. Hear my plea.