When most people hear me speak, they say my voice is comforting, calming, inviting. I believe my physical voice is God’s outward expression of my heart. I am one of those gals who is an open book. Always have been!

As maturity roots itself deeper and deeper in my heart and is later reflected in my life - I believe the Lord has called my ability to be authentic into part of my purpose - hence, my writing here in this blog!

My passions begin with my faith, family, and friends. I love with my whole heart and spirit. I choose people over things and invest my whole self in the people who the Lord has surrounded me with. I tend to "feel" a lot and have had to learn how to balance compassion with emotional health. I find joy in being busy, seeing the world, and little things like coffee, the gym, and my garden.

Career-wise, I work in marketing - giving a voice to small businesses. I look at my work as my hobby and thoroughly enjoy the puzzle of giving a business a brand. 

Oh and did I mention I’m an army wife and momma to a marvelous, crazy toddler? 

I find my identity in the Lord and believe our strengths become clarified into purpose as we allow the Lord to edify us through relationships, events, and seasons of hardship. So my voice, my writing, is just that. 

My desire is for the Lord to use it all! I pray that as you relate to aspects of my life, you find peace, conviction, and encouragement to continue working towards becoming the woman, wife, mom, friend, and professional that the Lord has called you to be. 

We are all in this journey together - each one of us are a link to form a greater circle, a community of women seeking to love the way the Lord loves us.